Catering Event & Drinks Party

Catering for your event and corporate drinks party in good hands with us. Of course, “pouring drinks” is not a difficult task. We distinguish ourselves in matching the offer to your guests, our friendly service staff and the attention we put into the taste and presentation of the canapés.

Different styles for your catering of standing reception and drinks

Depending on your wishes, budget and available space, we can make a suitable quotation for the catering of your reception or company drink based on the desired service level.

Friendly catering staff with tray of appetizers

Reception full service

At our ‘full service’ reception catering we take all the work off your hands. We agree on a drinks and snacks menu with you and coordinate in advance what materials and staff we use. During the reception itself you are free to participate as a guest and our team does all the work. We will only leave when everything is clean again.

Company drinks party

For company drinks where it is a party for ‘colleagues among each other’ we provide snacks or bites and drinks that suit the group and present these in an informal way. Snacks come together on a scale instead of individual plates.

DIY reception catering

Do you not have enough time or experience to arrange the logistics of the reception yourself, but do you have enough ‘hands’ to run the bar and walk out the snacks? In that case we help you with our Do-it-yourself approach. We prepare (in consultation with you) the reception in a way that you and your colleagues can run it yourself.

Need a caterer for your standing reception?

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