Party & BBQ skewers menu

These skewers are delicious with a summer and Amsterdam barbecue but are also a tasty alternative as party food and snack at an indoor event.

BBQ catering vegetarian menu header

Vegetarian skewers

Skewer Ratatouille with tomato, eggplant, zucchini, and red onion.

Skewer with sweet potato, Haloumni, and spring onion.

Skewer with grilled green asparagus rolled in pancetta

Skewer with Indian marinated Paneer, red onion, and red pepper.

Rainbow vegetable skewer with red and green peppers, Roseval potato, beetroot, zucchini, red onion

Mushrooms marinated in garlic, parsley and olive oil

Corn cob marinated in thyme and honey

Artichoke heart skewer with mushrooms and vinaigrette

BBQ fish catering menu header

Fish skewers

Gamba skewer marinated in garlic, parsley, red pepper and olive oil

Zarzuela fish skewer with different kinds of fresh fish

Stick of grooved swordfish and Salsa Verde, zucchini and cherry tomato

Pieces of salmon marinated in basil oil

Skewer with Albacore tuna in sesam soy dip

BBQ catering chicken menu header

Chicken skewers

Sambal Chicken Skewer: with sambal, ginger and Sriracha marinated and grilled pieces of chicken

Lemon, thyme and sage marinated and diced chicken

Chicken Satay Skewer, in Ketjap (soy) marinated chicken pieces served with the original Surinam (medium spicy)peanut sauce

Skewer with garlic, rosemary and olive oil marinated chicken

With spicy honey sauce coated chicken on skewers with sweet potato and white onion

Thai Curry Chicken Skewer. Grilled chicken pieces marinated in green curry with coconut and coriander

Teriyaki chicken skewer: with spring onions and marinated in the traditional Japanese sauce with mirin, sake, soy sauce and brown sugar

Tandori seasoned chicken with yogurt, mint and coriander on skewer

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