Our catering services in Amsterdam

We are a “party” caterer for Amsterdam and offer our customers catering services for small and large events. This ranges from supplying dinners and snacks for a birthday party as a drop off service, to providing full service catering for a big event with coffee, lunch, snacks, walking dinner and cocktail bar

Three times catering services

Depending on your wishes, budget and available space, we can make a suitable offer for you based on the desired service level.

Vriendelijk catering personeel

Catering with staff and chefs

Professional service and chefs for your catering, served with a smile.

Ervaren chef kok met goed reukvermogen

Catering with chef

We prepare in our kitchen and one of our chefs takes care of the presentation and / or distribution of the food on location.

'Drop Off' catering

We deliver the food and drinks to you on location. If desired, we will prepare it on the buffet. Afterwards we collect the material

Need a caterer in Amsterdam?

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