Catering in Amsterdam for parties and events

Zing Good Food is an independent catering and event planner based in Amsterdam. We operate throughout the Randstad, offering great-tasting food catering for private parties and large corporate events.
We specialize in full-service catering, meaning we help with every aspect of your event: food, drinks, wait staff, chefs, and materials. We make organizing your event in the Netherlands a walk in the park.
We start every inquiry with a friendly chat, taking on board your ideas and plans for your booking. For us, getting to know our clients is key to making your catering and event a culinary experience and a huge success!

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Catering for events in Amsterdam

Catering in Amsterdam for corporate events and weddings. We specialize in large events, breakfast, and large group lunches. Catering for drink parties with standing dinner, canapes, and appetizers.
We’ll get back to you within 24 hours

Our service is focused on standing events and parties. Lunch, bites & drinks and dinners! We have a great selection of canapés, regular, and deluxe. A range of walking dinner menus. All these are served by our friendly wait staff. We assist you with a full service that besides the food and drinks includes all staff needs, rental materials, and decoration.  

Catering in Amsterdam by Zing Good Food

Whether it’s a special occasion in your family or a business meeting with clients.  You can trust us to deliver good-tasting food like mouthwatering canapés, and well-served drinks. We’ve got all your needs covered – from food and drinks to friendly staff and any rental items you may require.

Original menus for bites, canapes and nibbles.

Plenty of choice in vegetarian and vegan menus.

All our dishes are made with care and that special homemade touch.

We assit you with private gatherings, office cocktail parties and large events in Amsterdam

We take pride in audience matching menus, custom-designed to connect with your guests.

You can expect fast and detailed catering quotes. Get the clarity on menus and costs you need fast!

We care for your guests' special dietary requirements: vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free guests are welcome!

With over 15 years of experience in large-scale events, trust us to make your occasion unforgettable.

Continue here for a customized offer. The more details you provide, the better we can tune our offer to meet your needs and requests

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Why choose Zing Good Food?

High-quality and best rated service

15+ Years of experience

We go lenghts to fit your budget

Vegetarian and vegan food upon request

250+ happy customers

A team of enthusiastic chefs

Catering healthy and vegan food

Our name says it all – we’re here to add that special Zing to your event. Our team of chefs is focused on crafting dishes that excite and energize our guests. We understand the importance of avoiding that post-lunch or post dinner slump, which is why we steer clear of carb-loaded meals that leave you feel heavy. We take pride in serving good tasting digestible dishes that keep you going strong throughout the day.

Catering of Health Food

When should you call upon Zing Food to organize your catering? The name ‘Zing’ explains that we make our food to excite and energize our guests. Our kitchen in Amsterdam constantly fights against too heavy food, especially for lunches. We try to avoid the ‘lunch-dip’ we all know, caused by a bloated feeling after lunches with excessive use of carbs and other difficult to digest ingredients.

Partner with Zing Good Food

Friendly and professional staff

Our regular clients appreciate us for our service and for bringing friendly and professional wait staff to their events. Depending on the atmosphere and nature of your event, we’ll ensure that we stay discreetly in the background or that we are present in a cheerful way.

Fresh and seasonal ingredients

Obviously, we are working with fresh ingredients for all our productions and that means that we do not work with ‘ready-made’ products. Almost all of our goods are purchased from the Amsterdam wholesaler De Kweeker which is known for its wide range of organic and local products.

Original dishes and recipes

We do our best to surprise our guests with original recipes and dishes like for example chicken in a spicy chocolate sauce from Mexico, seaweed wraps, avocado salad with Caribbean salad dressing, roast beef Japanese style, 100% vegan chocolate mouse or a French mini tarte tatin.

Receive a precise and detailed proposal matching your needs

When you have a catering service you want clarity and control over ‘what you get’ and the costs it involves. Our quotes are specified per part and clearly show, per part, what the costs for fooddrinksstaffmaterials and transport will be. You will not only get clarity about what we expect based on your briefing but also about what the costs are if your event is running out.

A service that will delight your boss and colleagues

Organizing an event can pose challenges, especially when it’s tied to your job or promotion. You aim to stay within budget, provide excellent food, and ideally earn recognition from your boss and colleagues.

With over 100 caterers in Amsterdam, the options are abundant. We aim to stand out by responding to your catering inquiry promptly and seeking additional details to tailor our services to your needs

Our kitchen in Amsterdam

Presently our base is at 180, Warmondstraat in Amsterdam South near the Hoofddorpplein. A lovely location spaced for production, workshops, and meetings. In this kitchen nowadays we prepare canapés, and appetizers and we have ample preparation space and cooling storage to prepare for large dinner parties. Due to the nearby ring road also the RAI exhibition center, the WTC, the centric ‘Grachtengordel’, and Amstelveen are easy destinations.

Of course, we do cater in the surrounding vicinity of Amsterdam, and depending on the size of the order we cover the whole country if requested.

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Menus with Local Amsterdam Products

When you are proud of your city, you want to reflect that to your guests. We do that!

Amsterdam is famous for its rich history, not only in beautiful architecture but also for products made by traditional methods.

Best known probably is Amsterdam’ cheeses, but pickled onions and gherkins from ‘Kesbeke‘ are a must in any true Amsterdam catering of appetizers.

Truly special is the Camembert style, sheep cheese called Skaepsrond’ from the ‘Dikhoeve’ farm in Ransdorp. The black pepper sausage from ‘Brandt & Levie‘ does accompany corporate drinks parties like no other and their fennel sausage should not be missed as well.

All these delicacies pair perfectly with a cool beer from brewery ‘het IJ’ and if you’re not into alcohol, a cool apple and pear juice from the Olmenhorst which you can find on our drinks list.

Your party on the Amsterdam canals or on the IJ

You may have a preference for a sailing or floating location. Great idea! Amsterdam has a different charm when viewed from the canals.

Catering delicious food and drinks while sightseeing in Amsterdam by boat is a special experience.

We can and will be pleased to organize your event on a canal cruise.  Make sure to ask the representative of the cruise company about their house rules and options to bring on the boat.

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