Catering staff services

A professional and customer-oriented crew ensures that your guests feel welcome and cared for. Our hosting team will address your guests in a friendly and polite manner and help you with a good “landing” of your event.

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Catering staff service in Amsterdam

We look at you as a customer and your guests, and plan the right crew of serving staff, chefs and bartenders. Regardless of whether you order a catering service, you can only hire our crew to support your event. Call us for general catering staff, hosts / hostesses, supervisors, chefs and service staff.

Friendly staff

Friendly staff

Friendly service on request spontaneous or extra discreet!

Experienced or junior chefs

Experienced or junior chefs

Depending on the culinary depth of your event, we will make a junior, medior or senior chef available to you

Specialized staff

Specialized staff

Specialized employees such as hosts, entertainers, baristas or cocktail shakers to spice up your event

Other catering services

Need friendly staff for your party?

Call us now: +31.(0)6-2459 3128 or request a quote without obligation.

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Catering Offerte & Kontact

Voeg uw contactgegevens en catering-vraag in. We nemen binnen 1 werdag contact met u op.