Our barbecue menus

We make luxury BBQ menus for Burgundians and gourmets appreciating quality. In our barbecue menus, we prefer to work with local meat’s like for example Waterlants Weelde. We make fresh gourmet salads, homemade sauces and of course: we work with charcoal barbecues.

See our barbecue menus

The barbecue menus below are examples of what we can prepare with our Amsterdam BBQ catering service. Because no group of BBQ guests is the same, we like to think of the menus that meet the needs of your specific guests. Tell us who’s coming to your BBQ party and we’ll make a fitting barbecue.
If that one piece of meat, fish, vegetable or marinade you love is not on our list, mail us your recipe and we will make sure that it is on the BBQ! Our BBQ catering service serves the entire Amsterdam region!

BBQ questions & barbecue advise

Still having doubts about exactly how you will arrange that BBQ? Are you still not sure whether you need a BBQ catering service or perhaps only a chef who is behind your BBQ? Questions are free, contact us now!