Organic catering

Do you consciously choose a caterer that works with organic and sustainable ingredients? Call or email us for options. We would love to hear from you!

Organic and sustainable catering

We work by default with many local, organic and, if available, Fair Trade products. In our day to day operations, we try to make sustainable choices and that is one of the reasons why we offer our customers many vegetarian options.

Extra costs for organic catering

We regularly get the question ‘what are the extra costs for organic catering?’. For a number of ‘basic’ products, the differences in costs are minimal. For a large number of products, such as meat, chicken and fish, however, the differences in costs are considerable.

A bit better

If the budget does not meet the extra costs for organic catering, you can also opt for a middle way such as grass-fed meat from chickens and cows that graze outside in nature. That way you know at least that these animals have had a good outdoor life. Depending on the catering requirements, it is usually easy for us to indicate the difference in cost price.

Organic and local products

Most of our customers are simply looking for catering with tasty snacks and appetizers, a well-serviced reception catering, a good lunch catering or a walking dinner. If the purchased goods are organic and locally produced then that is a bonus. We buy organic products because we like it when the ingredients have grown with respect for the environment, animals and people. This is also the reason why we opt for locally produced and Fair Trade products as much as possible.

Sustainable and organic  materials

For our lunch catering, we regularly use disposables for plates, cutlery and cups. We buy these also standard organic and biodegradable. For plates, soup catering and disposable trays for sandwiches and wraps catering we use biodegradable and beautiful palm leaf disposables. These are leaves that have fallen from palm trees. In addition, we use biodegradable cups/glasses and cutlery made of PLA for our lunch catering, which in turn are made from corn and potato starch.

Questions and advise

Call or email us for all your questions or specific wishes and diets. There is so much is possible!