About Zing Good Food catering

Our enthusiastic team shares a passion for catering services with good food, style and creativity and can meet your special requirements, including gluten instagrammable food and special diets as well as using organic or locally produced products.

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Who we are

Zing Good Food Catering is run by Job Smulders who started catering because of the joy he experiences in cooking and service and for the fun of working on projects. The name ‘Zing’ was chosen because of the meaning ‘liveliness’ and ‘get up and go’. No ‘food coma’, but new energy after eating a catering that we provide.
Depending on the wishes of the client and the needs of the catering event, we assign chefs with a specialization in presentation, oriental cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, vegetarian cuisine.  For the service staff, we work with very friendly and service-oriented students. Note that we like to be challenged with special catering assignments! No question is too crazy for us. If we don’t know what to do with it, we do know a colleague in our network who can help you better and we will gladly refer you to them.

What we do

We mainly make a lot of lunchescanapés, appetizers, snacks and dinners. This ranges from basic ‘soup and sandwiches‘ to ‘luxury standing dinners‘ and full-service luxury barbecues and chic sitting dinners or fancy walking dinners.

What matters most to us


We do our best to coordinate very well with our customers to have a clear picture of the event and who exactly is coming. This means that we sometimes ask a lot of questions, but they always contribute to a better catering service and an appropriate offer. On the day of the event itself, we’ll of course work with very friendly and well-presented catering staff.

Good tasting food

Creating good tasting dishes means testing recipes, investing time in preparations and working with good ingredients. Therefore we don’t work with ‘ready’ and ‘half ready’ products but build our dishes up from raw ingredients.  This takes a little more time but translates in good food with a great taste. Read on Google Maps what our clients say about this.

Good presentation

Off course the food that we prepare must be tasty in the first place. The process of digestion starts with seeing, so everything we make has to look really good. That means sometimes, for example when catering for a design-related event, our dishes should be instagrammable, and sometimes, like at a birthday party catering, just nice informal party food will do very well.

Healthy food

Without compromising on the condition of ‘delicious’, we can make healthy dishes if possible. This does not mean that everything should be super healthy and that we never serve the famous Dutch deep fried ‘Bitterballen’.   We just make sure that in our menus we compensate for unhealthy dishes with healthy counterparts and that there is enough choice for everyone.

Organic and local

We would prefer to prepare all our dishes with 100% organic and local ingredients and a large part of our purchases is based on this. Our customers, of course, might have different priorities such as budget, presentation and the desire for certain tastes and dishes. Because every catering assignment and customer is different, we coordinate this together.

Where you can find us

We work from our cooking studio in the Warmondstraat 180 in Amsterdam. Where you are welcome for a coffee to discuss your catering project with us face to face.

Prices and catering quotation

Through the quotation form, you can request a catering quotation for your catering whishes in Amsterdam. You can expect a fair proposal and/or advice. Even if your application does not fit in our way of working, we will try to help you further. By phone you can contact Job Smulders at +31 (0)6 2459 3128.

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