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We do not only make delicious snacks, canapés, appetizers and bites, but we also try to make the “snacks” fit in as well as possible with the nature of the catering, the event and the group of guests.

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Catering of snacks, canapés and small dishes with or without service

We deliver our snacks with or without chefs or service staff. We can also deliver simple cold snacks on a scale. We are happy to make a catering proposal with options for you to also order service, chefs and materials from us.

Snacks service 'drop off'

Snacks service 'drop off'

Snack service as a drop off. You order snacks and we deliver them to you on scales. You only have to remove the foil and they are ready to serve. Warm snacks are not getting any better on transport and that is why we only provide cold snacks as a drop off service.

Canapes with cooks

Canapes with cooks

Do you want something more than a simple cold snack and perhaps that the snacks look like small dishes or that they are passed on hot or luke warm? Then one of our chefs comes along to provide on-site presentation, a correct temperature and a good distribution

Appetizers - reception and party

Appetizers - reception and party

For the catering of your reception, drinks or party, our snacks are usually part of a full service catering with service, chefs, materials and drinks. Sometimes our clients arrange a part themselves and that is of course also possible.

Need a caterer for your lunch in Amsterdam?

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  • Sabina

    I am looking to organize a Summer Party on July 14th for around 350 people and am interested in your catering options.

    Canapes and finger foods you can consume while standing are preferred, what would you recommend?

    For the BBQ option, is the barbecuing done onsite?

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