Warm snacks & appetizers

Browse our menu’s for warm snacks, canapés, appetizers or ‘hapjes’
as we call them in here in Amsterdam. Tell us about your favorite and we’ll make sure they are served warm and crispy!

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Warm Vegetarian Appetizers / Snacks

Shot of creamy green coconut mint and pea soup
Served in glass or espresso cup
(warm, vegan, gluten free)

Spicy tomato soup with red lentils and coriander
Served in glass or espresso cup.
(warm, vegan, gluten free)

Sweet and hearty soup of parsnip, apple and thyme.
Served in glass or espresso cup.
(warm, vegan, gluten free)

Mini pumpkin soup with orange, red pepper and ginger
(warm, vegan, gluten free)

Mini quiche with semi-sun-dried tomato or with mushrooms
(warm, vegetarian)

Skewer with in Sirachi and tahini marinated sweet potato and grilled Halloumi
(warm,vegetarian, gluten free, can also be made vegan)

Chicken satay by LikeChicken served with Indonesian peanut sauce and cassava chips
(warm, vegan, can also be gluten free)

Savory tartlet with chestnut mushrooms, Parmesan, chopped chives and truffle oil
(lukewarm, vegetarian, can also be made vegan)

Vegetarian mini burger of celeriac marinated in Harissa and beetroot served on a soft bun with samphire and mayonnaise
(warm, vegetarian, can also be made vegan)

Vegetarian crispy “chicken burger” by the Vegetarian Butcher served with caramelized red onion on a brioche bun
(warm, vegetarian, can also be made vegan)

Warm Seafood Appetizers /Snacks

Gamba scewer with in olive oil, garlic and parsley oven-baked gambas

North sea Bisque – fish creme soup made with local North Sea fish
Served in a glass or small cup

 Swordfish steak on skewer with roasted cherry tomatoes and avocado salsa

Served on a small plate

Tuna sashimi baked with a crust of sesame seeds on a wakame seasoned seaweed salad served with a wasabi-soya sauce
(luke warm)

Zucchini beignet with smoked salmon, basil and sweet and sour tomato sauce

Mini skewer of oven-baked garlic butter shrimps

Thai fish cakes with sweet and sour plum sauce

Moroccan flavoured swordfish skewers

Grilled teriyaki salmon on bamboo skewers with soy dip sauce

Sardine- bell pepper stuffed Empanadillas

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