Lunch menus prices

On this page, you are seeing a selection of our best-selling lunch catering menus and their pricing. You can combine endlessly with soup, salads, sandwiches, quiches, wraps and of course some of our dishes we are listing as standing dinner are also very suitable to serve as a standing lunch!

Lunch catering pricing for menus

Below a selection with price indications for our best-selling lunch catering menus. You can combine as you wish with soupsaladsquichessandwiches and wraps.

Soup and sandwich or wrap menu

Delicious homemade soup and sandwiches or wraps. Choose 3 flavours and we’ll serve 2 per person, choose regular or gourmet varieties. The price range of € 8.50 -12.50 depends on the choices of the sandwiches and the size of the group.

Sandwiches or wraps and fresh juice

Choose 2 sandwiches or wraps from our list and order freshly squeezed vegetable or healthy fruit juices (flavours in consultation). A price range of € 8.50 -12.50 depending on the sandwichwraps and juice choices and the size of the group.

Quiche and salad menu

A perfect combination of quiche with salad for a tasty and healthy lunch, depending on the appetite of your group, the salad can be more ‘green’ or more filling. Homemade salad dressing is matched to the salad choice. The price range of € 9.50 -14.50 is depending on the quiche and salad choices and the size of the group.

Soup, salad and quiche menu

An acceptable alternative for when you have a group of foreign guests that will likely not be charmed by a typical ‘Dutch cheese-sandwich-lunch’. With this combination of soup, salad and quiche, possibly supplemented with a healthy juice, you can get away with it reasonably well ;-).  A price range of € 15.50 -19.50 all depending on the quiche and soup choices and the number of guests.

Salad wand wraps, low carb, menu

Prefer no or few ‘carbs’? Is eating carbohydrates in for your group absolutely “not done”? Choose a tasty salad with 2 wraps. Menu price range from € 15.50 -19.50 off course depending on the choice of salads and wraps and for how many guests you’ll order.

Standing lunch menu – appetizer style lunch

For corporate events catering and when a special meeting is celebrated, we regularly serve a standing or walking lunch which can be more basic or luxurious. Price range from € 22.50 -32.50 all depending on dishes and group size.
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