Cookies kit as a letterbox gift

With this cookie kit, your colleagues can make their own great tasting cookies and in ‘no time’. It is an easy gift to send by post and because it can be sent as a letterbox gift, it’s also a very practical option.

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A nice gift if you want to give your employees a gourmet ‘care package’ on an economical budget.

Sending this letterbox gift

We pack this gift in a letterbox box and arrange to ship via the bicycle courier, Postnl or another parcel service of your choice.

Christmas card or thank you card

On request we add a thank you card, Christmas or New Year card or a handwritten card. Tell us how you like it!

Stickered mailbox gift

Some nice stickers with your logo and text makes this letterbox gift even more fun. You may provide us with the stickers or artwork. We ensure that all stickers are properly attached to the boxes.

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